The Angel

The expression half-angel, half-demon fits him like a fine glove...

But where does this angel, who is a bit too sexy for his wings, come from to serve as messenger of the gods? From a celestial Venus or an infernal Mars? Rising on his sharp heels as if seeking to reach heaven. With his outrageous make-up and ironclad shirt, he unveils his demonic side. He navigates between heaven and hell, offering a goodly dose of madness along the way for anyone who may be bored. A simple flutter of his wings is enough to carry you off into his imaginary universe…

Art Director Yan Haltey
Photographer Natália Mansano
Illustratrator Pauline Rossel
Make-up Artist Elisabeth Péclard
Hair Designer Pascal Ventura
Costume designers Yan Haltey, Tania D'Ambrogio
Copywriter Orlane Sebaï