Characters of My Rock'N'Love Story

Discover the characters who give life to my music and my story. From glamour to the brutish lout – join in by means of this emotional palette!

An elegance that conceals unsuspected mysteries.

If rock were to be reincarnated in someone’s spirit, it would be his!

No need to talk to him, it’s through his body that he expresses himself.

Bring the house down, or as you please … he’ll be in his element.

The expression half-angel, half-demon fits him like a fine glove...


Art Director Yan Haltey
Photographer Natália Mansano
Illustratrator Pauline Rossel
Make-up Artist Elisabeth Péclard
Hair Designer Pascal Ventura
Costume designers Yan Haltey, Tania D'Ambrogio
Pole Dance Choreographer Svetlana Henri
Copywriter Orlane Sebaï